Best WordPress Backup Plugins
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Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Many businesses come to us looking to hire a WordPress developer for developing websites for their business venture. Often times, we come across people who don’t pay due attention to creating backups. In such cases, we step in and make a case for the same until they are convinced. So why are backups important? Clients need to create backups periodically to safeguard their crucial data against any potential threats or malware. In fact, we would go a step further and state that creating backups is sort of a best practice that a company needs to implement on a periodical basis.


In this blogpost, we will take a look at some of the best WordPress backup solutions out there and we hope you incorporate any one of them in your website development.


Dropbox – Most of us would be familiar with Dropbox and might have used it for storage solutions some time in our life. This WordPress plugin connects your website with your Dropbox account wherein you have the means to store your data – both database and wordpress content (themes, uploads) – on the cloud and restore the same whenever a crisis happens.


BackupGuard – We see BackupGuard as a complete solution for WordPress backups. They proclaim to offer the easiest way to not only backup and restore but also to migrate all of the data in the client’s website. Both database and content can be backed up. Perhaps, the best feature is the greater control for backup – clients can choose which files or folders to backup. However, the migration feature is available only on the pro version. The pro version also has features of scheduled backups, notifications and automatic migration.


WP-DBManager–This plugin prioritises scheduling backups and guess what, it even has provision for e-mailing backups to the client and store it in server in just a few clicks. However, as the name states, only database backup can be done by this plugin. With respect to database management, this plugin has no limits and can accomplish anything ranging from creating, optimising, repairing, deleting, selecting, modifying and so on.


WP Time Capsule – As you would have probably guessed from the name, this plugin can do backups on a periodical basis whenever changes are being done on the website. In other words, it does incremental backups in real time. It is sure a cool and vital feature especially for large complex websites. Intervals can be as short as 6 hours. What’s more? The plugin also has capability to encrypt all your backups and makes it GDPR compliant.


WPBackItUp–This plugin is all about ease of use in backing up data. In fact, going by the plugin’s claims, backup of data can be done by compressing the required files without any need to worry about MySQL, FTP or cPanel. With this plugin, clients are protected against all sorts of attacks because they will now be able to restore even intricate items like settings and comments. Enjoying significant patronage, it is widely tested and quite reliable, given its history of 7 years.


UpDraft– UpDraft is massively popular among the WordPress folks. It is an easy recommend and because of its effective and efficient operations. The backing up of data along with the retrieval process is quite simple. Recovering backup can be directly done from the dashboard. UpDraft also provides for scheduled and non-scheduled backups. Given its top ranking and wide popularity, clients can definitely try it out without second thoughts.


Revisr – Finally, in our list, we have Revisr. It can help clients manage their data with a Git repository. Backups and restoration can be done within seconds. In addition to that, automatic backups are also there. But perhaps, the most significant aspect of Revisr is its ability to push changes to a remote repository like GitHub.


Now that you gone through our list, let us know which plugins appeal to you. Get in touch with our developers to enlist our WordPress development services.