Top 5 Store Locator Plugins in WordPress
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Top 5 Store Locator Plugins in WordPress

Even with the massive adoption of online purchase, the majority of the same customers still want to go to the nearby brick and mortar store to purchase a product or service. Having said that, we find many clients approaching us to hire a WordPress plugin developer to develop a holistic website as part of shaping and expanding their brand and brand equity beyond the native country. For instance, there might be a traditional retail business, now embracing the concept of online portal, to increase their customer base. Suppose the business has multiple stores across a region, then it would help customers to access stores closer to them rather than travelling long distances. This is what store locator plugins aim to implement. Putting information out there for a wider online audience for the benefit of intimate purchase decisions, these plugins can increase footfalls significantly.

In this blogpost, we will take a look at some of the best store locator plugins for WordPress, after which developers and clients may choose an appropriate plugin. Most of these plugins have Google Maps and WooCommerce integration allowing clients to provide extensive views of store location and its list of products on sale.


Map List Pro

Having a stock of over 35 styles, this plugin comes with great features like creating lists that satisfy 3 criteria – searchable, sortable and filterable. Multiple locations can be added quickly within seconds. Clients can experiment with so much customisations ranging from adding images to locations to providing assistance in directions. With a simple drag and drop mechanism, Map List Pro is an easy recommend for developers.


Super Store Finder

This is yet another powerful WordPress plugin that allows for managing stores with different categories/tags along with room for extensive customisations like colour, styles, labels and settings.Powered by an intuitive UI, Super Store Finder also has Google Maps integration. An attractive and useful feature is the provision of street view of locations. To enhance footfalls, the plugin has the ability to deploy contact forms of individual stores and even publish curated videos.


Agile Store Locator

This Google Maps based plugin is host to a set of complete features such as advanced search, unique themes, translation, admin panel and so on. The dashboard in particular is an interesting feature because it provides insights on stores and search count. A key highlight of this plugin is the provision of viewing those stores that are open – clients can control this using the time switch. As part of customisation, Agile Store Locator provides a complete set of markers and templates.


WordPress Store Locator

Want your customers to directly search for a product and then proceed to find a store which has it? This plugin can ensure that functionality. Basically linking products to the store, it can significantly enhance sales with this straightforward approach. Apart from the standard provision for customisation like map styles, import and export of stores, support for multiple languages, WordPress Store Locator also gives the client the ability to customise individual store data.


Responsive Store Locator

This is a multipurpose store locator plugin that is not only GDPR compliant but also doesn’t store user information. One of the biggest feature is its ability to import stores using CSV without knowledge of latitude and longitude. The plugin can also show nearby stores based on the customer’s current location. Having WooCommerce support means that the plugin can link stores to products. Customisation is possible at the granular level including store data.

Hope you found this blogpost to be useful and enable you to find the right store. Which of the above plugins is your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments section.

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