Category display management plugin
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WordPress categories are listed alphabetically in each post and there are no easy ways to list these according to the hierarchical structure which can be defined in WP.

One of our existing client like to display categories in a post based on their hierarchy rather than just alphabetically also like to have the below options and the ability to toggle on/off from the admin side.

– set styles of the parent/child/grandchild categories (ie, bold or not bold will probably be enough but color would be a bonus)
– define the separator (preceding and following) each parent, child, grandchild level category.
– define the color of the separator (at a minimum, the one that precedes the parent)
– split selected parent categories (and its child categories) onto a second row if required.
– select the depth of the number of categories to show, i.e. all, one (parent only, child only), two (parent/child or child/grandchild) etc etc.

Client words about our team:

I am very impressed and happy with team WordPress Programmers. They built me a WordPress plugin which was quite challenging to explain yet with good and very frequent communication, we got exactly the outcome I wanted and I couldn’t be more pleased. Highly recommended from me and I would definitely use them again.