New Admin Email Verification Screen in WordPress 5.3
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New Admin Email Verification Screen in WordPress 5.3

We have many clients coming to us to unlock their WordPress websites especially after WordPress brings new updates to the ecosystem. They usually receive White Screen of Death recovery emails whenever their website crashes in the wake of a fatal error. The client may then be locked out of their website leading to huge frustrations. Apparently it was found that many clients who hire a WordPress  developer  to have experienced much frequent than it was believed.


Much Awaited Update

In fact, WordPress 5.3 is all set to launch a new feature of admin email verification screen that will verify the admin’s credentials every 6 months – this feature was the product of the issues raised by various contributors in WordPress discussion forums. It was found in these discussions that clients more often than not were left with outdated email addresses. This may be due to many reasons –one of them being that clients unbeknownst to them set their email addresses automatically at the time of installation.

Now why is it very important for verifying email addresses on a periodical basis?

For that we need to understand the purpose of admin’s email connected to the website. All transactions that take place in the client’s website are conveyed to the client via this email. What are these transactions? It may be as simple as a new customer registering on the client’s website or as complex as purchasing products or as niche as generating data analytics reports of the client’s website. Whenever such transactions happen, a notification is sent to the client instantly so he stays updated. For instance, clients can monitor their website activity by moderating the comments left by customers. If this much essential portal is locked away due to unforeseen circumstances, clients will lose out on important business transactions. After all, data is so important these days.

With the launch of this new feature from WordPress, it is certainly a step up for clients before any automatic updates are implemented. This new verification feature will ensure that addresses are always kept current in case admins not visiting their website often – essentially a protection mechanism.

A dedicated admin_email_check_interval will allow developers to set intervals as per the client’s requirements for redirecting them to the admin email verification screen. They can set large intervals in case they  feel that such verifications are frequent enough to be annoying. So, the new feature is an accommodating one and for sure will appeal to clients.

Having gone through the post, what do you think about the new feature? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.

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