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Dynamic Gallery Slider

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Our client would like a plugin developed that creates a jquery slideshow. He want Dynamic Gallery Slider plugin to be able to be incorporated into any Word Theme by simply adding and activating the plugin and then putting code into the template where you want the slideshow.

He would like the plugin to be configured in a similar fashion as the Dynamic Content Gallery Plugin so that it allows for options in the admin panel of Word Press and is available under “Settings.”

In settings area he need it to allow for size changes (CSS) color changes, border changes, etc and also allow for changes in where…

Content Marketing plugin

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One of our existing client like to develop a Content Marketing plugin that enables you to display multiple sidebar widgets to maximize how your visitors reference your posts. MaxRef Widgets is a powerful way for Content Marketers to add unlimited widgets on your sidebars with options to display posts only from a certain category, the links from a particular link category, comments and more. New in version 2.1 is the ability to display widgets only on certain blog categories. Choose how many posts or pages appear, to display an RSS feed for categories, and how to sort the links presented.


Google Drive for WordPress

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We released Google Drive for WordPress plugin to make back of your wordpress site files to google drive.

Exclusive tutorial on How to Backup your WordPress blog to Google Drive. It is always recommended to backup your WordPress blog, which includes files (themes, plugins etc) and SQL tables (all your blog posts, comments, drafts etc are stored as tables in database).

Whenever your blog is gone (due to unsecured activities or some other reasons), thesebackups will help to get back your blog. In some cases, using 3rd party plugins and themes can also lead to malfunction of your blog, here also these…

Category display management plugin

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WordPress categories are listed alphabetically in each post and there are no easy ways to list these according to the hierarchical structure which can be defined in WP.

One of our existing client like to display categories in a post based on their hierarchy rather than just alphabetically also like to have the below options and the ability to toggle on/off from the admin side.

– set styles of the parent/child/grandchild categories (ie, bold or not bold will probably be enough but color would be a bonus)
– define the separator (preceding and following) each parent, child, grandchild…

Garati Solutions

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Garati Solutions

One of our Prestigious client wants to develop a WordPress CMS website with blog portal. Garati solution is a leading software development firm for the Microsoft Dynamics AX® community. We have created the website to explore their abilities and their technology, services etc. For this website we have designed a outstanding layout with full width slider with the back end options, blogs, custom reviews and used the contact form 7 plugin and other needed basic plugins. The site has build with responsive structure to have a mobile friendly website.

The following features we …