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Live Chat Plugins

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In recent years, whenever clients hire a WordPress programmer for designing customer care for their website, we encourage them to implement Live Chat. Here’s why.

For any business to be successful in the long run, they need to engage with their customers meaningfully and support them at all stages of the purchase decision. As part of customer relationship management, there are many tools available at the client’s disposal like emails, direct customer care support, social media handles and so on. But all these have their share of cons. For instance, having a dedicated customer care line…

Top 5 Store Locator Plugins in WordPress

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Even with the massive adoption of online purchase, the majority of the same customers still want to go to the nearby brick and mortar store to purchase a product or service. Having said that, we find many clients approaching us to hire a WordPress plugin developer to develop a holistic website as part of shaping and expanding their brand and brand equity beyond the native country. For instance, there might be a traditional retail business, now embracing the concept of online portal, to increase their customer base. Suppose the business has multiple stores across a region, then it would help customers…

Themify – First Impressions

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An increasing number of clients approach us with the mandate to hire a WordPress developer for creating web portals online. It may be for different reasons ranging  from e-commerce to blogging to event management. We have noticed a recurring theme among such clients and that is their indifference to WordPress theme development even after our insistence on weaving a strategy around it. We have had the same clients coming back to us, supposedly clueless as to why their website is not performing well enough. We come back to the drawing board and almost always the problem was the improper theme development.…

Top interactive CRM plugins

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Many of our clients contact us to hire our WordPress plugin development services to deploy highly interactive and performance oriented plugins. WordPress plugins in particular are very useful especially when one does the research and makes use of the right number and standard of plugins. This is because too many plugins can affect performance resulting in a loss of customer footfalls and consequently crucial sales.

Clients involved in online businesses cannot afford to lose customers in such careless ways and this forms the crux of this post. In this blogpost, we will take a look at some of …

New Admin Email Verification Screen in WordPress 5.3

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We have many clients coming to us to unlock their WordPress websites especially after WordPress brings new updates to the ecosystem. They usually receive White Screen of Death recovery emails whenever their website crashes in the wake of a fatal error. The client may then be locked out of their website leading to huge frustrations. Apparently it was found that many clients who hire a WordPress  developer  to have experienced much frequent than it was believed.


Much Awaited Update

In fact, WordPress 5.3 is all set to launch a new feature of admin email verification screen that will verify…

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

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Many businesses come to us looking to hire a WordPress developer for developing websites for their business venture. Often times, we come across people who don’t pay due attention to creating backups. In such cases, we step in and make a case for the same until they are convinced. So why are backups important? Clients need to create backups periodically to safeguard their crucial data against any potential threats or malware. In fact, we would go a step further and state that creating backups is sort of a best practice that a company needs to implement on a periodical basis.


In this blogpost,…

The Battle of Control Panels

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One of the more deliberative issues with regard to WordPress development is in the selection of a good control panel that allows for managing websites of clients from external interfaces. This control panel with different levels of access enables both clients and end users to control the various aspects of the website from the browser. There are two control panels that are sought by WordPress developers across the world namely – cPanel and Plesk. In this blogpost, we make an objective comparison of both and help you make a decision in choosing the best control panel overall. This again is ultimately…

Event Management Plugins for WP Sites

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WordPress is a great CMS for simple models like blogs and business site. However, as many of our peers in the WordPress plugin development community would agree, it doesn’t provide much functionality while adopting more functions – for instance, making appointments. In our experience of providing WordPress plugin development services, we have seen increasingly more business clients looking to hire a WordPress programmer to develop a niche website with the mandate of organising events.

In our quest to help the wider developer community, we come up with this blogpost to go about choosing…

WordPress – the best among CMS

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We have been providing WordPress development services to a lot of our clients for many years now. In our experience, we could have tried our hands on other CMS and there are a lot of options. But we have never felt the need to shift from WordPress. For every assignment that a prospective client hires  a WordPress programmer, we have remained steadfast and continued to bank on WordPress to execute the same. In this blogpost, we share our reasons with you on why WordPress proves to be the best among all CMS.

For all the programmers out there – professional and freelance – need no introduction to WordPress.…

Evaluating Gutenberg

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WordPress developers around the world would be familiar with Gutenberg that was released last year end. Since its launch, it has drawn mixed reactions across the developer community. At the same time, Gutenberg has been a work in progress and is continuously improving. While most of the pressing issues might have been sorted out, there may be some clients who want to hire a WordPress developer  to design and deploy a full-fledged website. Therefore, in this blogpost, our WordPress developer team at WordPressProgrammers in a quest to reach out and address concerns of the developer community,…

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